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I do this thing where I think about fucking you.

(via ronnierozzay)

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Anonymous said: Ur lonely bc u turn people away. #srrynotsrry

Yes this is a thing I do.
I’m picky at who I’m friends with.
I’m also overly picky at who I want to be in a relationship with because I’m not going to settle when I know I can do better.

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Tattoo done by Marcus Nati.

Anonymous said: omg we both live in Houston! I'm dying:))))

Houston is a big city.
You’ll never find me.

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I just feel like complete shit because I really really like you & I can’t even tell if you like me. I don’t want to get hurt again but then I really don’t fucking care because I want you in my life. I feel like I need you right by my side. I just care so damn much. This is stupid. I’m stupid. I so fucking stupid.

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